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Most Sailors were introduced to the “Joys of Sailing” by a friend or relative as few other opportunities are readily available. St Barts Yachts, Beneteau and it’s partners, Charleston City Marina, Charleston City Boat Yard, and Ocean Sailing Academy, plan on changing that.

Since Charleston Harbor is a great place to sail, year round, it seems a shame to live in the area and not take advantage of one of the best harbors on the East Coast. Seeing Charleston, from the water, is truly breathtaking and you can take the photographs to prove it. You will also be exposed to a wide variety of wildlife and the almost constant 8 to 12 knot Sea Breeze helping you enjoy the quite peaceful nature of sailing. Another advantage of Charleston, as your home port, is that destinations like Beaufort, Hilton Head Island and Savannah are only a day sail away.

However, if you have had the desire to experience Sailing , so you will know if it is the right “Recreational Lifestyle” for you , your family and friends – we want to help. St Barts Yachts typically has Beneteau sailboats, from 35ft to 60ft, size and inventory will very throughout the year, that we are willing to use to provide you, your family and friends an idea of the beauty and sense of freedom sailing locally can give you. If you are interested we can recommend several local Sailing Schools, provide you with the typical costs, associated with boating locally, and access to knowledge about sailboats of all sizes as well as their costs. In other words we “can show you the way”.

If you will take the time to answer a few simple questions, to help us determine your level of interest, we will be able to offer some of you a morning or afternoon, sailing in Charleston Harbor, with your family and friends as our guests. No experience necessary, no cost to you – bring your camera and capture some beautiful memories.

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*Time constraints and Budget won’t allow us to offer everyone a “Charleston Sailing Experience”.

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